Sun 15 January 2017
Category: org

0.0.1 Todo [4/10]

A test of org mode in pelican DONE Avoid errors because of too many open files TODO Dont bundle jslint or jshint, but fetch them with npm

  • requires some loading magic for jslint, since Crockford refuses to make jslint node-friendly. TODO Look for changes in directories using some watch lib TODO Create plugin for js2-mode.el that sets global-externs DONE Suggest random new files to clean DONE Use when.js instead of buster-promise TODO Being blamed for introducing an error, AND praised for fixing it,

when changing around whitespace (changes line numbers) TODO Keep getting “nice cleanup!” in a file with too many errors DONE Files with more than 50 errors are reported as having 52 errors. TODO Switching git branches can be spammy, any way around that?

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