The First Question

Mon 05 September 2016
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I’d like a blog to document missteps on the learning curve. My missteps. My learning curve. Along the way maybe it will document some proper steps, and even some generated wisdom.

So like, what, an hour or so?

Why a static blog, and why Pelican

See The long road to building a static blog with pelican because, well, what he said or to add a few more words specific to me:

A static site because:

  • cost of hosting (static sites can be hosted inexpensively)
  • independence of my site and a blog host (Posterous seemed a good idea at the time, until they folded, and now that Posterous blog is a riddle wrapped in a zip file inside of a dropbox folder.)
  • control over my site, I can implement the features I want (that I can implement …) (which is one of the drawbacks, I can only implement the features I can implement.)
  • speed of editing within emacs vs. within some websites wysiwg and workflow process ( i s    s o     s   l    o     w)

Pelican because:

  • Python

Python because it’s a mature, flexible language with implementations for my platforms, Linux, Windows and Android. It’s mature and I already have it’s infrastructure and frameworks across my machines.

It’s not all roses, to the extent I’m picking up Jinja2, the Python templating language that Pelican uses, it seems wrong that many of the plugins require changes to templates in order to render pages correctly. Through no fault of its own, the neighbors plugin for example is guilty of that. And it’s not just a question of documenting the process. I dislike having to change templates to make a plugin work, that seems counter to the idea of “plugins” which I feel should be independent of templates, allowing me to plugin, or “plugout” and have the site change appropriately, without having to modify templates.

This blog is currently implemented as gitlab pages.


Eventually, I’d like to create:

  • A sample, very nicely enriched, gitlab pelican template blog
  • A blog for my own use that includes:

  • rich summaries

  • ipython notebooks
  • photo galleries
  • responsive, modern look
  • support for single page apps
  • support for my web experimentation (whatever that might be)
  • support for my tutoring activities in STEM and software development

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